KO6LU is seeking ham radio operators who enjoy a challenge. Award categories described on this web site are based on the KO6LU philosophy to award licensed radio amateurs and SWLs around the world quickly for their achievements.

Log forms are provided for each category. Once you've met one of these challenges, complete the KO6LU Award Application. Be sure to indicate whether this is a new application or an upgrade. If you are applying for a confirmed award, be sure to have the award application signed by two radio amateurs who have verified you have proper confirmation from each contact. If you are applying for a confirmed award or an unconfirmed award, fill out the appropriate log form for that award or attach a paper copy of your electronic logbook extract. Attach the appropriate application fee and mail to the address on the bottom of the application form.

If you have any questions or comments about any award category or this web site, you can send me E-mail, or better yet, call me at KO6LU.