Awards Program Philosophy

Qualifying for and receiving awards for personal accomplishment in amateur radio is a very rewarding experience. There is nothing like opening the mailbox and finding that QSL card from Cameroon and saying "YES, that makes 100, and now I have DXCC." Unfortunately, that contact was made a year earlier, and the wait for that QSL to arrive was so agonizingly long that you almost forgot about it.

Collecting QSL cards is somewhat of a passion, but with the increased postage rates, it's become increasingly difficult. I recognize having confirmed QSOs is far more difficult than making the QSO itself. But I also believe that the fraternity of amateur radio operators and short wave listeners is inherently honest. I believe that personal achievement should be rewarded quickly and not be determined by a chain of global postal systems whose efficiencies (or inefficiencies) can vary tremendously. Therefore, all KO6LU awards are available as either "Confirmed" or "Unconfirmed."

Confirmed awards require a letter signed from at least two other hams stating they have seen the QSL card confirmations for each contact. For unconfirmed awards, simply send an extract of your log book showing the proper, time, frequency, and mode (voice, code, etc.). If you've made all the proper contacts, then the hard part is done and you deserve to be recognized for that achievement now, not a year from now.